Criteria for the correct ski selection | © Scheiber Sport

Which ski is right for me?

Whether buying or renting, choosing the right ski is an essential part of having fun and staying safe on the slopes.

Fitness and weight:

Physical size, shape and condition are an important factor when it comes to choosing the right ski, in particular your height and weight. Tall skiers generally need longer skis, while smaller skiers use shorter skis. Heavier skiers should use a ski with more torsional rigidity.

Skiing ability:

Your skiing ability also plays an important role. Depending on whether you are an advanced skier with years of experience or a novice learning the sport for the first time, this will have a major influence on the length, radius, torsion and construction of your ski. However, a quality ski made from quality materials is always an advantage, regardless of your ability. Even if you are not familiar with some of the technical terms mentioned above, simply pop into a Scheiber Sport store and speak to one of our trained and qualified members of staff – they will be happy to help you find the right pair of skis for your needs.

Piste conditions:

Conditions on the slopes are another factor which influence the choice of ski.  Scheiber Sport stocks a wide range of skis for all different snow conditions, from powder to ice. If the conditions change during the course of your stay, simply drop into one of our four rental stations and swap your current pair of skis for another. It doesn’t matter where you originally hired your skis – all of our slopeside stores are connected to each other via an electronic inventory system, meaning you can stop off at the once closest to you and be back our on the pistes in the blink of an eye.

Skiing style:

Choosing the right equipment also has a lot to do with how you like to ski. There are many different skis for short turns, long turns, carving, etc.

Physical fitness:

Some skis require more strength than others. Therefore, physical fitness is another factor you should bear in mind when choosing your equipment.

Skitest/Changing Skies:

If you want to change your skis for a different one, simply pop into one of our four slopeside rental shops and swap it over. Interested in purchasing a pair of skis? Then use our “try before you buy” service. Whatever your size, shape, ability and experience level, we will find the perfect ski for you!


The design of a ski may not affect the way it feels on the slopes, but it is nevertheless a factor well worth considering. After all, as with so many other products, it is important that you like the look of your skis. However, choosing the right ski is always more important than choosing the prettiest ski.

These seven points are the most important factors when it comes to buying or hiring a ski. At the same time, it is very difficult to combine all these elements when choosing from the many different brands and models of skis available. Therefore, our friendly and competent members of staff in Obergurgl and Hochgurgl will be happy to help you find the best ski for you.