Perfectly fitting ski boots – individually adjusted for you

Finding a pair of ski boots that fit isn’t always easy. Uncomfortable and painful ski boots are a surefire way of ruining your day on the slopes. Not only does the sensation of burning and stinging in your feet take all the fun out of skiing – it also can have a serious effect on safety. After all, the transmission of pressure from foot to ski only works properly if the ski boots fit well. Fortunately, there are means and ways to adjust your ski boot to fit your foot profile.

We take the time it needs for the perfect fit

There are a number of options available to us.

  • Inner shoe
    Adding foam to the inner shoe
  • Shell
    Grinding, pushing or stretching
  • Heating the shell
    Fitting the inner shoe or the shell
  • Ski shoe sole
    meashuring and producing an individual sole

Modern technology and years of experience for a perfectly fitting ski boot


We at Scheiber Sport are real experts when it comes to ski boots. Thanks to many years of experience among our dedicated team and with the help of modern technology we are able to create ski boots that fit you like old slippers. Let us help you make pressure points, blisters and pain a thing of the past. The methods used to adjust your ski boot will be decided during a consultation in the shop. Small adjustments can be made in all our Scheiber Sport branches directly next to the slopes, while major ski boot corrections are carried out in our boot clinic in the centre of Obergurgl.

Scheiber Sport Boot Clinic: first aid for aching feet

From minor interventions to major surgery, the experts at our boot clinic know exactly what to do to make any ski boot fit. Our team of ski boot doctors have years of experience, know all the latest techniques and will be happy to help you resolve the painful problem of aching feet.


The treatment is selected depending on the cause and location of the pain. Our ski boot first aiders have various options at their disposal, for example creating a made-to-measure foam inner, adjusting the ski boot shell or modifying the sole. In short, after a visit to the Scheiber Sport Boot Clinic you will walk away with a ski boot that fits you perfectly and takes your experience on the slopes to a new level.

Adjusting ski boots in Obergurgl

  Advantages at Scheiber Sport

  • Know-how & technology: Thanks to years of experience and the use of state-of-the-art techniques, every ski boot can be perfectly adapted to your foot.
  • Ski boot service directly next to the slopes: Our four Scheiber Sport locations are by the slopes. Test your new dream ski boot right outside the door.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: All ski boots purchased at Scheiber Sport can be adjusted free of charge. We promise to keep working on them until you are satisfied.
FAQ Bootfitting

There are different ways to customise ski boots. Which is the right one has to be decided in a consultation at one of our shops. Fundamentally, adjustments can be made to any ski boot.

Yes. When you buy ski boots at Scheiber Sport you can test them beforehand. And of course we will adjust them further if necessary. This service is free of charge when you buy ski boots from Scheiber Sport.

Yes. Please be aware that we cannot offer this service free of charge. Free bootfitting is only available on ski boots purchased from Scheiber Sport.

You can have your ski boots fitted at any branch of Scheiber Sport.