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Ski tours in Obergurgl

Obergurgl offers a wealth of superb ski tours catering to every ability level.

The area around Obergurgl is blessed with plenty of snow and many ski touring routes. If you spontaneously decide to go on a tour or don’t want to lug your equipment with you to the Ötztal valley, Scheiber Sport has everything you need for ski touring.

Ski touring adventures in a winter wonderland

Guaranteed snow and the height of the mountains make the southern end of the Ötztal valley a paradise for ski touring enthusiasts. Especially in spring, the region, typically bustling with skiers, is transformed into a serene, slower-paced destination. As a result, it’s perfect for winter sports enthusiasts who prefer to make their ascent without ski lifts. But ski tours are also a great way to change things up during a week’s skiing. For flexible and convenient ski touring equipment options, visit Scheiber Sport in Obergurgl.

Hire ski touring equipment in Obergurgl

Numerous tours take you across the sun-drenched, firn-covered slopes to peaks and other destinations. A short stop at Scheiber Sport will ensure you have the right equipment for adventure. No matter whether you’re scaling the slopes in the ski area, attacking the powdery slopes from the base upwards or wandering through the wintry natural surroundings beyond the ski area, at Scheiber Sport, you’ll find everything in one place:

  • Touring skis (incl. skins)
  • Poles
  • Ski touring boots
  • Avalanche protection equipment (beacon, probe, shovel)

For a modest rental fee, you can explore the heart of the majestic Ötztal Alps with complete autonomy.

Tip: if you are planning an off-piste ski tour, it is a good idea to hire a guide.

Ski touring equipment: what do you need?

Before you set off on your snowy adventures, we’ll walk you through the pieces of equipment that your ski touring kit would not be complete without:


Touring skis

Certain special characteristics set touring skis apart from normal downhill skis. They generally weigh less, which makes climbing easier. In addition, touring skis are usually softer, slightly wider and shorter than alpine skis. This ensures good performance in both deep and firn snow. A special touring binding is naturally a must.


Ski touring boots

Ski touring boots are also lighter and more flexible than their downhill skiing counterparts. During the ascent, ski touring boots are only locked into the binding at the front, leaving the heel free to move. This facilitates the typical ‘ski touring motion’. The shoe and binding can then be adjusted accordingly for the descent to ensure better grip.


Ski touring skins

Ski touring skins are needed for the ascent. Most skins have an adhesive on the back, allowing them to be easily affixed to the underside of the ski. Additional fastenings ensure that the skin does not slip during the ascent. The skin is then removed and safely stowed in your backpack before the descent. 


Touring poles

Touring poles differ from normal alpine poles. That’s because poles with a telescopic design are usually used for ski touring. This means that the length of the pole can be adjusted at any time depending on the gradient of the slope. What's more, touring poles have a larger pole basket, ensuring that the poles do not sink too far into deep snow.


Ski helmets

You should also wear a helmet on the descent during ski tours. This can be a normal ski helmet. Helmets are another piece of equipment that you can rent from Scheiber Sport. You will also find special ski touring helmets. The main thing that sets these apart from standard ski helmets is their lighter weight.


Avalanche safety gear

Safety first, which is why you should always have avalanche safety equipment with you when you venture beyond the slopes. Standard equipment includes an avalanche transceiver, which is switched on and worn over the bottom layer of clothing. Your touring backpack should also contain a probe and an avalanche shovel. Your guide will explain how to use avalanche equipment correctly before the tour.

Ski touring at over 3,000 meters

These ski tours around Obergurgl will make you feel like you can touch the sky. Discover the diverse range of tours on offer at the southern end of the Ötztal valley, with everything from short ascents to day trips at over 3,500 meters. Popular ski tours around Obergurgl lead you to the likes of:

  • Langtalereckhütte – 2,430 m (1.5 hours, 15 kilometres, 870 vertical metres)

  • Eiskögele – 3,233 m (3 hours, 11.5 kilometres, 1,280 vertical metres)
  • Hochfirst – 3,403 m (4.5 hours, 15 kilometres, 1,450 vertical metres)
  • Schalfkogel – 3,537 m (3.3 hours, 10 kilometres, 1,090 vertical metres)

For more advice on equipment, guides or guided ski tours, or to book ski touring sets, please contact us by email, phone or via the online rental service on this page.