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Bootfitting with Scheiber Sport

We are happy to help you with your ski boot problems

Even modern ski boots can sometimes be uncomfortable, but there is no need to suffer in silence. Whatever the problem is – from pressure points and painful soles to unpleasant blisters – the ski boot fitters at Scheiber Sport will be happy to help you find a solution.

What’s the idea behind bootfitting?

Everyone who has suffered foot pain while skiing knows the importance of a well-fitting ski boot. In fact, poorly fitting ski boots can even ruin the whole holiday. Problems range from pressure points and painful soles to unpleasant blisters – and it is important to solve them as quickly as possible in order to enjoy your time on the slopes. As well as the comfort side of things, a well-fitting ski boot is an essential component of staying safe and skiing to the maximum of your ability.

Choosing the right ski boot

A key element is choosing the right kind of ski boot. This includes aspects such as the size of the boot, but also its flex, walking mechanisms and the number of buckles. One common problem is that the boot is comfortable when tried on in the shop, but as soon as you take your first turns on snow it begins to hurt. This is where the bootfitting experts at Scheiber Sport can help. There is a branch of Scheiber Sport at the bottom of each cable car, right next to the slopes, so it couldn’t be easier to pop in and talk to us. Once we have made the necessary changes, you can head back out onto the slopes and see how things feel. And, if you still have problems, then simply come and see us again. We will be happy to help as many times as necessary to find the perfect fit for you. Feel free to visit us in any of our four locations in Obergurgl Hochgurgl.

Our bootfitting guarantee

If you buy a new pair of ski boots from Scheiber Sport then we will adjust them until they fit you like a glove – free of charge, of course. That is the Scheiber Sport bootfitting guarantee. Even a year after you have purchased your boots, feel free to come back and see us again. Our friendly and experienced members of staff will be happy to help you find a solution. Skiers who have not bought their boots from us are, of course, also welcome to use our bootfitting service.

Tips and tricks for the perfect bootfitting

  • Foam moulding: This process involves the customer stepping into the shell of the ski boot, which is then filled with foam. The foam mould is then used to create a personalised inner that fits the skier like a glove. This technique is often used for people who generally have problems with their feet and those who suffer from large pressure points.
  • Grinding, moulding or stretching the shell: Special tools are used to grind, mould or stretch the plastic shell of the ski boot. This technique is often used to deal with smaller pressure points.
  • Heat moulding: This method sees either the entire ski boot or just the inner or outer heated in a special oven until the material becomes soft. The customer then steps into the ski boot. As the material cools, it moulds itself to the exact shape of the skier’s foot.
  • Custom-made ski boot soles: Skiers who suffer from a burning sensation or pressure points on the soles of their feet can benefit from custom-made soles in their ski boots. A special vacuum technique is used to precisely record the size and shape of the skier’s foot. This information is then used to make a personalized sole which is placed into the ski boot.

Fine tuning

Modern ski boots contain many elements which can be fine-tuned. We recommend that skiers talk to a bootfitter at one of the Scheiber Sport stores in order to find out more about the different options available.

Important! Make sure you take your time when buying and fitting a new pair of ski boots. Ski boots are the connection between you and the skis and, as such, essential for the transfer of power.