Individual ski boot adjustment at Scheiber Sport in Obergurgl | © Scheiber Sport

Boot fitting at Scheiber Sport

We are here to assist you with any issues you may have with your ski boots

Having trouble with your ski boots? Whether you are dealing with pressure points, a burning sensation under the sole or blisters, the boot fitting experts at Scheiber Sport will help you find the perfect fit.

Why get your ski boots fitted?

Anyone who has ever had sore feet in ski boots knows why. A skiing holiday can quickly become unpleasant and frustrating if your ski boots do not fit. Be it pressure points, burning pain in the soles of your feet or blisters on your feet, boot-related problems should be addressed as quickly as possible so that skiing remains a fun experience. Comfort aside, well-fitting ski boots are also essential for safety and performance on the slopes.

Choosing the right ski boot is key

It is vital to select well-fitting boots when making a purchase. Several factors have to be taken into account, such as the size of the ski boot, its flex, walk mechanisms and the number of buckles. A common problem is that ski boots fit well when first tried on but start causing discomfort once you make your first few turns. This is exactly where Scheiber Sport comes into play – thanks to our prime locations right on the slopes, getting to any of our four branches for professional boot fitting is a breeze. We’ll fit your ski boots for you and you can test them out right away. If necessary, simply drop by again and we’ll quickly and easily make any further changes needed.

Our boot fitting guarantee

If you buy new ski boots from Scheiber Sport, we will keep making adjustments for you until they fit like a second skin – free of charge. You can even have your ski boots adjusted for free one year after purchasing them at Scheiber Sport. Didn’t buy your ski boots from Scheiber Sport? Don’t fret! We will help you find the right fit, even if you didn’t buy your ski boots from us.

Methods used to achieve the perfect ski boot fit

We use various boot fitting methods at Scheiber Sport.

  • Foam-injected liners: this process requires the customer to step into the ski boot shell with an ‘empty liner’. The liner is then filled with foam. As a result, the liner fills the space between the foot and the ski boot shell and fits ‘like a glove’. This method is ideal for people with troublesome feet and large pressure points.
  • Cutting out, grinding and/or stretching the ski boot shell: special tools are used to cut out, grind or stretch the material of the ski boot shell. This boot fitting method is often used for localised pressure points.
  • Heat moulding: with this method, the entire ski boot or just the liner or shell is heated in a kind of oven until the material softens. Afterwards, the customer puts on the ski boot, and it adjusts as it cools down.
  • Custom-made ski boot insoles: if you are experiencing a burning sensation or pain in the soles of your feet, it’s worth investing in custom-made soles. A special vacuum technique is used to ‘record’ the sole. This information is then leveraged to create a personalised insole.

Fine-tuning your ski boot fit

Even small changes to your ski boots can have an impact on your skiing performance. We recommend arranging a consultation with one of our knowledgeable employees to discuss changes like these.

Be sure to take your time when buying ski boots and, if necessary, having them fitted. Ski boots are what connects you and your skis, making them crucial for the transfer of power.