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An outstanding ski area in Obergurgl – Hochgurgl

Obergurgl-Hochgurgl means no waiting at the lifts and well-prepared slopes

Obergurgl (1,907m) and Hochgurgl (2,154m) are without a doubt the highlights of the Ötztal Valley – and not just from a geographical point of view! Sport, après-ski, food and relaxation all make the “diamond of the Alps”, as the resort is known, a top destination for an unforgettable skiing holiday.

Where you come for Skiing – Obergurgl-Hochgurgl Ski Resort

Yes, you did read that right. The Obergurgl-Hochgurgl Ski Resort is where you come to ski. Naturally, you’ll think that this is where ski holidays were invented. What we mean by this is that nowhere else can you get to the slopes faster and ski for longer. There are no long queues to purchase ski tickets, in the rental shops, or at the bottoms of lifts. Your ski pass can be acquired directly at your hotel, your skis have already been reserved online and, thanks to the 24 chair lifts, you get to your destination comfortably and in no time at all.

The Right Pistes for Everyone in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

The 110 well-groomed kilometres of pistes are divided into 3 categories. Around half of the pistes are of medium difficulty, while the rest are a mixture of easy and advanced. This ensures that the right level of difficulty is available for everyone who comes to ski with us, and that everyone gets the same amazing panoramic views as they sashay down into the valley.

Our Tip: For those looking to put their strength, endurance and technique to the test, we suggest tackling one of these descents:

  • The longest descent is 8 km long and goes from Wurmkogel to Obergurgl. This covers 1,260 metres of vertical drop.
  • One of the most difficult descents is number 11, which goes from the Hohen Mut Alm to the Gaizberg. Here, above all else, a high level of comfort in the moguls is required.
  • Another difficult descent goes from the Top Mountain Star hut to the Wurmkogel middle station. This one is extremely steep and is marked by signs with the number 27.

Have a great trip down!

Excellent ski area

Every year countless testers head out to ski areas to put pistes, lifts, and snow conditions through the paces. What can one recommend, what should be left alone, and which ski area fits one’s style best?

Here at the ski resort Obergurgl – Hochgurgl you can put your mind at ease when answering the question if this really is the “pearl of the Alps”. We are of course convinced of that answer, but what do the testers think?

Obergurgl – Hochgurgl Ski Resort put to the test by

The 110 km of slopes at Obergurgl – Hochgurgl are regularly well groomed. Modern ski lifts transport skiers and snowboarders to their destinations comfortably and quickly.  Due to its high altitude and proximity to glaciers, Obergurgl – Hochgurgl is a very snow-sure ski resort. awarded the highest number of points allowed to both the ski resort in general and the snow.

Obergurgl – Hochgurgl Ski Resort put to the test by

The testers from write that Obergurgl – Hochgurgl is one of the best resorts in Tyrol. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels will find challenges here. Children are well taken care of by local ski schools and beginners can stay on the flatter slopes of Hochgurgl.

For advanced skiers, professionals, and free-riders, Obergurgl – Hochgurgl is awarded 5 stars (highest amount). In the beginner, snowboarder, family, and Après-Ski categories, Obergurgl – Hochgurgl receives 4 stars each.

We stand by what was said: Obergurgl – Hochgurgl is the “diamond of the Alps.”