Weather and climate in Obergurgl, Ötztal, Tirol

Information on weather and snow conditions from Scheiber Sport in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.

Weather in Obergurgl

Wettereinflüsse in ObergurglThe average annual temperature in Obergurgl is 2.8°C and the average annual precipitation is 851mm. Generally speaking, the temperature decreases by around 0.6°C per 100 vertical metres of elevation, while precipitation and snow levels increase significantly the further up you go. Wind speeds also increase with altitude, leading to a wider distribution of snow.

Factors influencing weather and climate in Obergurgl

The weather in Obergurgl is mainly dictated by the mountains. These force air masses to rise, causing a drop in temperature and increase in condensation that result in prolonged periods of precipitation in the mountains. Weather fronts arriving from the south provide the heaviest snowfalls. Another well-known phenomenon is the Südföhn, a warm wind from the south which creates a wall of cloud moving over the Timmelsjoch ridge and into the Ötztal Valley.

Weather progression during the day in Obergurgl

Climatic elements (temperature, wind, precipitation) change throughout the day as a result of the solar radiation. The coldest period of the day is before sunrise, the warmest time of the day is shortly after the sun has reached its highest point in the sky. Clouds and wind can change these influencing factors.

Weather and snow levels in Obergurgl

Schneesicherheit durch die SeehöheObergurgl enjoys snowsure conditions right into spring thanks to its high altitude. The skislopes start at 1800m and reach all the way up to 3080m. As a result, temperatures often drop close to freezing in autumn, meaning precipitation falls as snow. And even if no or little snow falls, the resort is equipped with a comprehensive network of snow cannons.

Current weather in Obergurgl

To check out the current weather conditions in Obergurgl simply visit our weather cam. A detailed weather forecast can be found here.

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