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Night skiing – a highlight in Obergurgl

Night skiing in Obergurgl ist a special experience for every skier

Why is the night slalom course in Schladming the highlight of the season and so well attended? It’s because night skiing is so unique. It is simply something different and that’s what makes it so interesting. Everyone can ski during the day at any ski resort, but the opportunity to night ski is not found everywhere.

Everyone should experience night skiing at least once. A ski slope illuminated with floodlights makes for a very special atmosphere. Although the entire network of slopes isn’t open at night, one 8km long slope is open for night skiing and will make your evening memorable.

Night skiing und show in Obergurgl

Every Tuesday in Obergurgl you’ll have the chance to take the Festkogelbahn lift and ride down the 8 km long night skiing slope.

From 6:30pm until 9:30pm, both the slope and lift will be in operation. The last ride up the chair lift is at 10pm. But that’s not all.

It wouldn’t be Obergurgl, if there weren’t one more special highlight – the night ski show „Return of the Pioneers“.  It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that no Obergurgl visitor should miss.

The Obergurgl Ski School puts on a spectacle that takes you on a 40-minute journey.  From the founding of the Gurgl Ski Club 100 years ago, to the emergency landing of explorer Auguste Piccard 80 years ago, all the way to the development of snow sports as they exist in Obergurgl today. A brilliant fireworks display rounds out the evening and takes place around 9:30pm.

The right ski equipment for night skiers in Obergurgl

The right stuff for your night skiing in Obergurgl can be found of course in our Scheiber Sport Shop.

We hope you enjoy night skiing in Obergurgl!

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